We have received a grant from Norwegian funds 

We are laun­ching a joint pro­ject that will con­nect the cul­tu­res of the three coun­tries; young fans of the new cir­cus from Rey­kja­vík (Ice­land), Oslo (Norway) and Ost­ra­va (the Czech Repub­lic). Toge­ther we will pre­pa­re seve­ral per­for­man­ces and go to scho­ols, kin­der­gar­tens and chil­dre­n’s homes to see the children.

Pub­lished on
24 March, 2021

The pro­ject has been imple­men­ted with the sup­port of

Ministerstvo kultury
Iceland Liechtenstein Norway grants
Moravskoslezský kraj

The pro­ject has been imple­men­ted by

If you are inte­res­ted in coo­pe­rati­on,
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