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Edu­cati­on by Circus 

Edu­cati­on by Circus 
We bring our chil­dren clo­ser to the world of cul­tu­re, sports, move­ment and art.

Social circus 

Social cir­cus is a dyna­mi­cally deve­lo­ping form of work that uses cir­cus art as a means to achie­ve posi­ti­ve results in the social and men­tal aspects of per­so­na­li­ty and motor skills.
Naše pro­jek­ty

Culture at schools 

Inter­nati­o­nal mee­ting, edu­cati­on and deve­lo­p­ment week in Ost­ra­va and Rey­kja­vík. We have cre­a­ted joint per­for­man­ces for pri­ma­ry scho­ols in the Mora­vi­an-Sile­si­an Regi­on, the Czech Repub­lic and Iceland.

Non-verbal theater for preschoolers 

We have cre­a­ted a play of non-ver­bal the­a­ter for pre­scho­ol chil­dren, which tells a sto­ry about our natu­re and the envi­ron­ment and its relati­on­ship. This play will be per­for­med in parks and forest parks in towns and villages.