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We are preparing a new circus performance 

As part of the Cir­cus at Scho­ols pro­ject, four artists from Hrin­de­glei­kur and four of our artists from the CTJ com­pa­ny have cre­a­ted a new cir­cus per­for­man­ce in the UmCir­kum resi­den­ces, and with this per­for­man­ce, they will visit pri­ma­ry scho­ols in exclu­ded loca­li­ties and bring the world of cul­tu­re, sports, move­ment and art clo­ser to the chil­dren from these loca­li­ties. During the per­for­man­ce, it will be possi­ble to see all the ele­ments of the new cir­cus dis­ci­pli­nes. The chil­dren will have a chan­ce to try these skills and then be part of the final performance.

Pub­lished on
16 Decem­ber, 2021