First introductory week 

As part of the Cir­cus at Scho­ols pro­ject, which we did in coo­pe­rati­on with out Ice­lan­dic part­ner Hrin­de­glei­kur, the first intro­duc­to­ry week took pla­ce in our resi­den­tial pre­mi­ses in UmCir­kum. In our workshops we held, par­ti­ci­pants could try and sig­ni­fi­cant­ly dee­pen the­ir knowled­ge and expe­ri­en­ce of aerial hoop acro­ba­tics, jug­g­ling with cones and dia­bo­los and pair acrobatics.

Pub­lished on
08 Decem­ber, 2021

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