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Interview for the Czech Radio Ostrava with Romana Kubicová 

Rozhovor pro Český rozhlas Ostrava

As part of the inter­nati­o­nal pro­ject Edu­cati­on by cir­cus, we tal­ked to Roma­na Kubi­co­vá, who visi­ted our resi­den­tial spa­ce in UmCir­kum – the cen­ter of the new cir­cus. You can lis­ten to a ple­a­sant con­ver­sati­on on 26th Febru­a­ry at 3:24 pm broad­cas­ted by the Czech Radio Ostrava.

You can lis­ten to the who­le inter­view on the Czech Radio website.

Pub­lished on
28 Febru­a­ry, 2022